Star Vodka Polo Team Southampton

FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2010 

By Melissa Hornung

Everybody loves a good story where people defy odds, defeat negativity and nay-saying.  It’s like routing for the underdog or believing in the concept of “if you build it, they will come”. Well this is a story like that, about the American dream, one with a polo team to boot!

If you follow polo at all in Southampton and you have been reading some of the local press there lately, you may have come across a polo team sponsored by Star Vodka. If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t pay too much attention to the white and gold label “STAR VODKA” on the team’s bold black jerseys, no matter how stand out they are on team players: Mauricio Devrient, Mikie Matz, Yvonne Mirabito and Steve  Sands. Well, taking note myself while at one of the Sunday games in Southampton, I became a bit curious about the teams sponsor and interviewed  the 36 year old entrepreneur, famed night club owner and proprietor of this American made vodka, who happened to be there routing for his team.  Yes, that’s right, “American made” Vodka?  And that’s exactly what I thought, American Vodka, put out by a 100% certified American! I just had to ask.

The notorious club owner of world renowned “Star Room”, Charles Ferri, also known for being the longtime squeeze of the Austin Powers co-star, Heather Graham, left his career in banking six years ago to fulfill his entrepreneurial passion and purchased the lounge under the famed Chelsea Hotel. He quickly became a major player in New York’s Nightlife and soon expanded to the Hamptons. Enjoying a great success in his night club notoriety with his clubs being sought out by socialites and Celebrities who have a taste for high end liquors, Ferri thought it was a natural progression to put out a world class premium Vodka of his own. Hence, the quest for “Star Vodka!

 Charles began to tell me of his journey of traveling and researching to find the finest quality ingredients and production for his exclusive brew which started in 2008. I couldn’t help the visions of fur hatted Russians behind a board room table with stern faces and folded arms.  He went on to tell of all the nay-sayers and negative feedback “no one will buy an American Vodka”, “you can’t do that” and yet Charles pushed ahead…mush mush onward and upward until finally he met with distillers and purveyors that revealed the main ingredients and the “how to’s” of the business. Charles made his selections and began the first production in the spring of 2008 and Star Vodka was born. It’s was met with instant success, producing limited quantities for his private clientele and to select parties and individuals. He is slowly beginning to increase production to include specific high end hotels and venues in Manhattan, Miami, and Los Angeles. It’s no wonder Ferri’s mission quote is “A dream is a thought not yet accomplished”.

 Team “Star Vodka” will be playing in the 8 goal for the entire summer season at the Southampton Polo Club on Friday’s and Sundays; times vary, until the end of August. For specific times and dates go to the website They have so far enjoyed a similar success as their sponsor, winning 9-7 their second game.  Well be watching how “Star Vodka” and the Team progress!

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